Liability Insurance


Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance providing wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured in the course of employment

WC policies provide coverage for employees if they are injured while working, without regard to fault.  The policies will pay for medical expenses as well as  loss of income due to not being able to work

Workmen’s Compensation Insurance is designed to protect the employer against their liabilities to employees in respect of injuries suffered by them in the course of their employment as per Labour Law/Workmen’s Compensation Ordinance.

Employers liability

Employers may be held liable for an accident arising out of the general course of employment. it is possible for the employee to take legal action against the employer to recover damages for harm caused by the employer’s negligence.

Public liability

If you are running a business there is always a possibility that   as a result of your business activities , can cause injury or damage to another person or property . If other  person or  property are injured or damaged as a result of your activities, the law may find you responsible and  you may find yourself having to compensate the injured third parties for your actions

A Public liability policy protects an insured person in respect of their legal liability to third parties for bodily injury and for any loss or damage to material property which happens in connection with the business of the insured under the policy and occurs during the policy period .

Most public liability policies cover you for:

incidents that occur on your business premises

Public liability insurance covers the cost of claims made by members of the public for incidents that occur in connection with your business activities.

Public liability insurance covers the cost of compensation for:

  • Personal injuries
  • Loss of or damage to property
  • Death  

Product Liability

If you supply products to the general public, you have a responsibility to make sure that they are safe. The heaviest burden of responsibility lies with the manufacturer of the goods. Primarily you have to make sure that your goods are safe – if you fail to do so, you can end up facing legal action. You can even find yourself being sued by anyone who has been injured or had their property damaged by your goods.

Product liability insurance protects against claims of personal injury or property damage caused by products sold or supplied through your business.

This policy covers all sums (inclusive of defence costs) which the insured becomes legally liable to pay as damages as a consequence of:

  • Accidental death/ bodily injury or disease to any third party
  • Accidental damage to property belonging to a third party

Arising out of any defect in the product manufactured by the insured and specifically mentioned in the policy after such product has left the insured’s premises.

Carrier & Haulier Liability

Companies or firms engaged as "carriers" for transportation of goods have a legal liability to cargo owners and third parties as "bailee" for the goods whilst in their care, control and custody.

Haulier’s Liability Insurance offers a protection to  companies or firms involved in the transportation of goods belonging to others by providing an indemnity up to an agreed limit against sums that the carriers shall become legally liable to pay as a carrier for total or partial loss or destruction of or damage to carried goods due to an accident to the Insured’s own or hired vehicles arising out of negligence on the part and attributable to the carrier.

Pay all sums for which the insured shall become legally liable as compensation for physical loss or destruction of or damage to goods or merchandise … while in transit … including during loading or unloading.

Policy Covers carrier’s liability for cargo.

Professional Indemnity

Professional indemnity insurance is a kind of liability insurance that covers individuals and companies occupied in offering professional advice and services. 

This policy is meant for professionals to cover liability falling on them as a result of errors and omissions committed by them whilst rendering professional service.

Medical Malpractice Liability

medical malpractice insurance, is one type of professional liability insurance which protects physicians and other licensed health care professionals (e.g., dentist, nurse) from liabilityassociated with wrongful practices resulting in patients  bodily injury or death

Commercial General Liability

A standard insurance policy issued to business organizations to protect them against liability claims for bodily injury (BI) and property damage (PD) arising out of premises, operations, products, and completed operations; and advertising and personal injury (PI) liability.