Other Class of Business

Jewellers Block Policy

Covers loss or damage to jewellery , gold and silver ornaments or plates , pearls, precious stones, cash and currency notes whilst contained in the premises insured, by fire,explosion, lightning,burglary,house breaking, theft, hold up, robbery, riot, strike and malicious damage

Money Insurance

Money Insurance policy provides cover for loss of money in transit between the insured’s premises and bank or other specified places occasioned by robbery, theft or any other fortuitous cause.

The policy also cover loss by burglary or housebreaking whilst money is retained at Insured’s premises in safe(s) or strong room

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

The Policy Covers The Employer In Respect Of Any Direct Financial Loss Which He May Suffer As A Result Of Employees Dishonesty.

Personal Accident Insurance

This Policy Is Basically Designed To Offer Some Sort Of Compensation To The Insured Person Who Suffers Bodily Injury Solely As A Result Of An Accident Which Is External, Violent And Visible. Death Or Injury Due To Any Illness Or Disease Is Not Covered By The Policy.

Cargo Insurance