Motor Insurance


Our motor insurance policy, based on the standard UAE Unified Motor Policy, provides comprehensive coverage for all types of vehicles plying on public roads, including:

  • Private cars
  • All types of commercial vehicles

Insurance Offerings

  • Motor Comprehensive Insurance
  • Motor Third-Party Liability Insurance
  • Motor Fleet Comprehensive Insurance

Motor Comprehensive Insurance

  • Accident or accidental collision or overturning
  • Fire, external explosion, self ignition, lightning or thunderbolt.
  • Burglary or theft.
  • Malicious act of any third party
  • Whilst in transit (including the process of loading and unloading incidental to such transit) by road, rail, inland waterway, lift or elevator, relating to the said transportation.

  • Personal Accident benefits to Driver
  • Personal Accident benefits Passenger
  • Rent a Car
  • Natural Calamities
  • Off Road Cover(4 wheel) individual private vehicle
  • Windscreen damage
  • Agency Repair
  • Road Assistance

  • Free Accident Towing Service
  • Free Mechanical Breakdown towing service
  • Free Battery Boosting
  • Free Lock-Out service
  • Free Flat Tyre Fixing
  • Free Fuel Delivery

Motor Third Party Liability Insurance

The insurance company shall be liable to compensate the insured in the event of accident caused by or arising out of the use of motor vehicles subject to the limits specified in the policy. The policy covers the vehicle owner’s legal liability to pay compensation for:

  • Death or bodily injury to a third party person including passengers in the vehicle
  • All types of commercial vehicles Damage to third party property.

Motor Fleet Comprehensive Insurance

Ideal for businesses with large fleets of commercial vehicles i.e. trucks, pickups, vans, bus etc. However, a vehicle group of six and above would also qualify as a fleet policy. Customer can select a Comprehensive, Third Party Liability or a mix of both covers

Note: This list is not exhaustive. For detailed terms and conditions regarding coverage under this policy, please refer to the policy contract.

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