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Breakdown Recovery

This service is covered for private vehicles only i.e., Saloon, SUV & 4-wheel drives only. Kindlyrefer your policy schedule to confirm if this cover isavailable.

It is hereby agreed and understood that, the Company shall provide recovery services for accident & non-accident-related incidents through third party service provider for following within the territories of UAE:

  • Towing Service: If the vehicle had an accident, does not start or requires mechanical repairs, thevehicle will be towed to the nearest workshop of authorised agent of the manufacturer or a garageof the Insured’s choice within the city limits.
  • Battery Boost: If the battery is flat or dead, the vehicle will be jump-started to get it moving.
  • Flat Tyre: If the vehicle has a flat tyre, change of tyre to spare. If the vehicle does not have a spare or if the circumstances do not allow change of tyre, the vehicle will be towed to the workshop of authorised agent of the manufacturer or a garage of the Insured’s choice.
  • Emergency fuel Delivery: If the vehicle cannot be driven due to an empty petrol tank, the third-partyservice provider will deliver the fuel. The Insured has to bear the cost of the fuel.
  • Lock out Service: If the Insured Vehicle key is locked inside the car, service provider will make an attempt to gain access to the key under the supervision of the appropriate authorities. If unable to gainaccess to open the doors, then the provider will tow the vehicle to then earest dealer or garage authorized by the insured within the city limits.

Disclaimer: “International Motoring Club(IMC)” roadside assistance service is a complimentary service provided by the Company. The Company shall not be held responsible or liable for the negligence / liabilities caused by “International Motoring Club(IMC)” to the Insured. The Automatic Extensions are subject otherwise to the terms,conditions and exclusions of the Policy.